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Middle East Conflict: The Root

Beshir Kamel lost two brothers who were amongst the twenty-one Christians executed by ISIS terrorists in February 2015. Everyone involved in this horrific event, both the victims and the perpetrators, were of Arab origins. When it comes to the Middle East we presume to know the “good guys” from the “bad guys.” Aren’t all Middle East conflicts the result of an Old Testament prophecy related to the descendants of Ishmael? Aren’t Ishmael’s descendants said to be against everyone? Aren’t the sworn enemies of Israel all Arabs? A recent trip to Israel influenced me to re-examine a number of my conceptions regarding Arab people. APPALLING ATROCITIES AND A REMARKABLE RESPONSE A clearer understanding of the Biblical story of Ishmael, from whom…
Bob Jones
May 6, 2015
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Undetoured in Facing the Greatest Challenge of Life

I first heard Zig Ziglar in 1997 in Edmonton. Zig is the kind of communicator who makes you wish that your first time hearing him won't be your last. Zig has been one of the most admired communicators of our time. His positive attitude and energetic style has inspired millions worldwide. In 2007 he had a fall that resulted in a serious brain injury. He lost his short term memory and developed extreme positional vertigo. The "old Zig" was gone. He was facing his greatest challenge.  In 1997 I heard Zig say, "Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting back up is a choice." In 2008 the "new Zig," "got back up." Since then he has traveled with…
Jones Bob
April 12, 2011
Life Stories


This morning (April 3rd) we prayed for Mandi Schwartz, as we have many times before at NP. Mandi has faced cancer - leukemia to be exact - since 2008. At 10:35AM our time today Mandi passed away. She was only 23. Women's Hockey Player Mandi was a student athlete at Yale, a women's hockey player from Wilcox, Sask. We first heard about her through Jen Matichuk, a Yale teammate from North Pointe. Jen tried to help Mandi by initiating a drive to sign people up for bone marrow donations. Mandi and her family are well known in the hockey world - one brother was drafted by St Louis, a Canadian Junior Player and the other brother playing NCAA hockey in…
Jones Bob
April 3, 2011
Life Stories


April 4th. Not April 1st.  This is the day the 167 Ave detour begins, and its no April Fools joke. For 7 months a route that sees over 17,000 cars a day drive by North Pointe will be shutdown. Over the past five years, dozens of families and hundreds of people have been able to connect with North Pointe because of their familiarity with our facility and sign. The shutdown is a short-term pain. A new 167 Ave will be built, along with a new sub-division.  In the next two years it is anticipated that 3,000 residences will be built and over 10,000 people will become our "next door neighbours." So, what can you do with a detour? Take the…
Jones Bob
April 1, 2011