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You can’t be in Connie Jakab’s company very long before you hear her use the phrase, “I believe in hope.” It’s not overreaching to say she dispenses hope. Her latest book, Bring Them Closer is a case in point.

Family Crisis

Connie knows what it’s like to experience the agony of a mental health crisis in the family, but she has also experienced the miracle of her family’s story being rewritten.

When her son was six years old he was diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and ADHD. By the time he was eight-years old he was suicidal. Connie and her husband spent most of his childhood without the tools or resources to parent him in the ways that he needed.

Don’t Send The Hurting Away

Depression for their son showed up as anger, and they had no idea how to handle this. When they brought him to a Calgary hospital and the psychologist asked Connie what she would do when he would throw fits of rage, she explained to her, “I send him to his room.”

The psychologist responded, “You never send the hurting away, you bring them closer.”

That advice, plus medication, a psychiatrist, and a counsellor brought Connie to the place where she believed her son was “fixed.” The setback they faced one week after coming home from hospital was devastating. But that’s when hope begins to take over. How Connie acted next gave her son, Ben a shot at living.

Shame Free

The book is a shame-free zone. Bring Them Closer is vulnerable, candid and written in such a way that you’ll find yourself laughing on one page and then tearing up on the next. You will feel seen, heard and understood.

Connie shares tender notes she wrote to her son.

She addresses significance, screens, struggles, emotional suitcases, and resilience.

Bring Them Closer shows how you can create real connection with your children so they live healed and whole.

You’ll find tools that can help your family overcome mental health challenges and prevent them from happening.

We can see our children free of anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues.

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