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Life Stories

When Mom Moved To Alberta

May 19th, 2022, Bob and I were happily celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary. We were flying back to St Albert from a ministry conference in Winnipeg. While waiting to board our plane my phone dinged. There was a message informing me that my 91-year-old Mom was in hospital in emergency with a broken neck. (more…)
Jocelyn Jones
October 27, 2022
Life Stories

A Babushka in Ukraine

Just before we left Canada, Ed Dickson met with friends who are originally from the city of Poltava. He asked for their prayers, since we would be near the front line in Ukraine. Little did he know about a Babushka in Kupiansk. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 1, 2024
Life Stories

The Smile of a Child

Some things are unforgettable, like the smile on the face of child. Sacrifices Over the next couple weeks, I’ll update you with my April experiences in Ukraine. Suffice for now, I’ll start with one story and some pictures. Jocelyn is the one who makes the biggest sacrifice in my travels. She allows me to go to places of risk to meet with true heroes in a war they did not want but one that they will finish. So I start with gratitude to her. And gratitude all those who prayed for my return to Ukraine. Hope On Sunday morning, April 21, the good news heard across Ukraine was that the US House of Representatives had passed the $61 billion funding…
Bob Jones
April 25, 2024