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Life Formation

They Will Know We Are Jesus Followers By Our…

They will know we are Christians by our T-shirts. Or, if you're a child of the 80's, by our bumper stickers. Or in the last 15 months, by demonstrations for freedom from COVID restrictions. T's, stickers and protests are a far cry from what Jesus had to say to his followers. (more…)
Bob Jones
June 20, 2021
Life Formation

Letting Go Of False Fundamentals

My wife loves reading other's people's mail. Jocelyn's been pouring over a letter written 2000 years ago to a group of Greek followers of Jesus. There are 104 verses in the letter. She memorized every word. Listening to her recite is an endearing way to bring the New Testament book of Philippians to life. She had me at "grace and peace to you.”  (more…)
Bob Jones
June 16, 2021