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Twenty-one years ago I held Ashley Pearse in my arms. She was breathtaking. In March 1999, Ashley’s parents knew little of what lay before her or within her. All they wanted was for their daughter to live her best life. That’s why dedicating kids to the God who created them for a purpose is smart. It’s breathtaking now to see Ashley’s passion for what God wrote on her heart.

A Gift For Writing

Ashley has nine siblings – yep, nine. Her youngest sibling’s arrival rescued her from being the middle child – she is number five in a family of six sons and four daughters. She’s lived an adventurous life, including time spent working at Birch Bay Ranch. All along there was a love of writing. She has become a prolific author.

“Ever since I was ten years old, I have been a writer,” says Ashley. “It started in my grade 4 classroom, when my teacher got upset with the fact that my short story was twenty pages long (it was supposed to be four). From there my dream of being an author sprouted. It grew the older I got, as did my love for God, and my relationship with Him. Eventually, the two met up. I realized that I could use my gift for writing to bring people to God.”

Something To Say

Ashley writes about life at A Light In The Darkness. She is vulnerable and candid – two traits found in the best of writers. Her post on facing death during COVID is profound.

“I’ve come to the realization in my life, that everyone has something to say. Everyone has a story that they want to share, or should share. God is at work in so many different ways in people’s lives. Everyone has different experiences, and yet God manages to weave His way through those as well. It is incredible. I love hearing about how God has changed other people, and the lessons He has taught them. It occurred to me, that my experiences could be the same for someone else.”

A Writer’s Dream

Some of her best writing is yet to be published. Ashley is passionate about fiction/fantasy and she’s good at it. Inspired by J. R. Tolkien and Frank Peretti, she wrote her first book at age 12, creating a unique world of angels and demons. In the meantime she developed her characters, wrote ten novels and is on the way to adding four more in 2020. Ambitious is an understatement.

“My greatest dream in the world is that one day my books would be published, and that I would be able to teach people about God through them. Also, that I would be able to share the worlds He has helped me create, and bring them on many amazing adventures with me.”

Every famous writer did the work and caught a break. Ashley Pearse is doing the work. More than half her life has been invested in over a million written words. All that’s left is for her to be seen and read.

“When you were put on this earth, God gave you a purpose and a reason for existence. You may not know what it is or you may feel a hundred miles from it, but He is the one guiding your path. You can choose not to follow it, or you may have strayed, but he can get you back.”

Sample Ashley’s Posts

The Reality Of Life



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