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4 Stories of Forgiveness

It wasn't all that long ago that these four stories occupied headlines around the world. Reporters were shocked and awed. Families whose loved ones were ripped out of their lives by hatred, found it in their hearts to respond with unmerited forgiveness. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 12, 2022
Life Formation


Reuben Celemin is a man on a mission. In March 2016 Reuben shared his dream with me of starting a fitness and faith group for men at North Pointe. Men can get stuck in a rut – so busy taking care of everyone else that they forget themselves. Reuben's group would start with whoever showed up and see where it could go. Men of the Rock (MOTR) hit the ground running on a cold and snowy March Saturday morning. Three years later the group is flying and the men credit Reuben with their inspiration. (more…)
Bob Jones
July 21, 2019
Life Stories


By day, he's a husband, father, practicing clinical mental health therapist and an RN by trade. By night, he "suits up" for Justice. He's Spider-Man - Superhero! Listen to Adam Klassen talk for even a few minutes about his love for helping people through Cosplay and you'll be caught in his spidy web of generosity. Cosplay And Superheroes Adam’s always been considered nerdy for his love of comic books, movies/tv, pop culture, digital and internet media and of course...Superheroes. In 2006 he attended his 1st big comic book convention (ComicCon) in San Diego. Adam, who attends North Pointe with his wife and daughter, was drawn into the world of Costuming or "Cosplay" and the creative individuals within it. Five years into…
Bob Jones
June 23, 2019