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Tanis Post fought for life, love, and the beauty of each day. Married for only fifteen years to Chris Post, they shared a romance that would fill ten lifetimes.

Love and Miracles

Walking the endless white sand beaches of Cuba and long, sun-filled days were the passion of their travel. They danced with each other every day, with or without music, and made sure to kiss each other before going to bed each night. #loveyoumore

At age thirty-eight, Tanis, affectionately known as “T”, suffered seven massive strokes and fifteen seizures in one day. Her survival was the first miracle.

The second miracle came with the help of dedicated therapists at Edmonton’s Glenrose Hospital. She battled for two years to relearn almost everything. Doctors attested Tanis’ recovery from major brain damage was a miracle.

Breast Cancer

In January of 2016, Tanis was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal, breast cancer. Everyone was devastated. Memories of her mother, Sally’s death, at age forty-six from ovarian cancer became front of mind. Tanis and Chris found spiritual strength by attending North Pointe Church. The worship and messages inspired them.

Tanis’ cancer metastasized to her lungs and liver. She fought and fought through chemo treatments, losing her hair but never her faith. One year later Tanis started getting bad headaches and when diagnosed received the worst news. The cancer had moved to her brain, and Tanis needed surgery to remove three large tumors in the back of her head.

Tanis survived two different major surgeries and healed up to enjoy a little more time.

A Lifelong Dream

Tanis’ lifelong dream was to meet Garth Brooks. When the country music legend announced an Edmonton tour stop in 2017, Chris entered a CISN103.9 contest to give his sweetheart a chance to meet Garth.

His story won. Tanis got to chill with Garth and his wife Trisha Yearwood backstage at Rogers Place.

Brook’s song, “The Dance” told the Post’s story. They teared up with the sold out crowd as he sang it.

The Dance…

Looking back
On the memory of
The dance we shared
‘Neath the stars above
For a moment
All the world was right
How could I have known
That you’d ever say goodbye
And now
I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end
The way it all would go
Our lives
Are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss
The dance.
Garth Brooks

Into Eternity

Her final battle came in April when the aggressive cancer moved to her spine. Tanis was paralyzed from the neck down in the final days of her life on earth. She passed peacefully at home into eternity on May 9, 2017.

“T” wanted so much to be a mom. Her first miscarriage didn’t deter her from trying again. And again. Her faith and hope in God were evident as she was forced to battle through two more miscarriages. Now she’s united with her three children in heaven.

Star Girl

Tanis confided in Chris that she always wanted to “become a star” so with the help of Frank at the Telus World of Science, Chris picked out a star in Tanis’ memory. Schedar in the Constellation Cassiopeia / 1.01 Hrs/62.20 Degrees / Area of 596sq degrees.

On June 9th during her memorial service at North Pointe, Tanis’ star was revealed – one that will be seen all year round – no telescope needed.

The Hope Bell

The Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) in Edmonton has something called the Hope Bell. It’s rung by patients who complete their cancer treatment and to let other patients know that there is an end to treatment.

There is hope.

Keep fighting!

Tanis’ Choice

Chris says, “My wish is that you all get to ring your ‘Hope Bell’ with whatever your dealing with. Ring it loud and proud and shout out to the world, ‘This is my life, my fight, my victory!’”

Tanis and Chris met many people at CCI and shared their story with staff and patients. They were constantly asked about their smiles and positive energy. How? Why?

It was Tanis’ choice to be happy and not give cancer the chance to dictate her day.

In her memory, make Tanis’ choice everyday for your life.

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  • Debby Ginter says:

    Wow Bob . I absolutely was touched by your words here about Tanis.
    I just have to re-iterate that through the years of Chris and Tanis dating and then getting married they truly were a model couple that loved each othet like no other love I have ever seen. Our world needs more Chris and Tanis couples. Tanis loved unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Reflecting on the special person Tanis was my prayer is to take what Tanis was and think of her when times are tough and just never give up. Keep smiling and look forward to what the next day may hold. Dont live with regrets,dont fret the small stuff. Think about my dash and make the years ahead the best they can be.
    Love ya more…
    Aunty Debby

  • Bob Jones says:

    So true, Debby. Loved the reference to “the dash between the dates” from Joyce. Live your dash well. #loveyoumore

  • Anonymous says:

    Tanis and Chris Love story truly one of a kind, and will never be forgotten..❤️ the strength and courage and faith Tanis has going through this was unbelievable and the LOVE I carry in my heart for her will never leave me, the pain I feel for u will easy away, Until we meet again my oldest, longest, dearest Friend in my heart Forever, I LOVE U Tanis

  • Anonymous says:


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