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Life Stories

When Davies Meets Goliath

The World Cup hopes of Canada are riding on the foot of a man whose boyhood dream was to play on a world stage. Alphonso Davies and Canada start against a Goliath in the soccer world at the World Cup. (more…)
Bob Jones
November 16, 2022
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The Lemonade Stand Millionaires

Sydney and Taylor Woodworth and their friends don’t just turn lemons into lemonade, they masterminded an endeavour that helps seriously ill children find hope and in the process learned that giving makes you feel like a million dollars. 2022 is the 13th and final year for the Lemonade Stand. Their work is one of the top feel good stories of my life. (more…)
Bob Jones
July 8, 2022
Life FormationLife Stories

We Love Julie Rohr

The mayor of Alberta’s greatest metropolis declared September 13-19, “Julie Rohr Week.” Julie Rohr was trending on twitter ahead of the Met Gala. Ryan Reynolds, Charles Adler, Rick Mercer, Glennon Doyle, Connor MacDavid, Colin Mochrie and a multitude of celebrities sent video greetings to her. Julie died on September 16, 2021, six years after a cancer diagnosis but not before finding her way into the hearts of thousands of Canadians. She was 39. (more…)
Bob Jones
September 17, 2021
Life FormationLife Stories

A City Turns Blue for Cst Woodall

Claire Woodall was aware something bad was going down on Monday night, June 8, 2015 in Edmonton’s Callingwood neighbourhood. She was tuned in not only because of her employment at a local Edmonton radio station, but her husband Daniel was on duty that night with the Edmonton Police Service. (more…)
Bob Jones
June 10, 2020
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I’m A Parent And Cancer Won’t Change That

My husband and I have two sons, Max and Jacob. It’s late. As I write this, we’ve just returned from a soccer tournament that was a 40-minute drive from home, in a blizzard, and finally they're both in bed. The thing is, being a parent doesn’t stop for anything. Not for blizzards, not for late nights, and not for cancer. (more…)
Bob Jones
February 14, 2020