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MacKenzee Wittke’s Story: Hope Endures

Mackenzee Wittke is a "one-in-a-billion" little girl. "Kenzee," as her family affectionately calls her, was born with a medical condition that has baffled experts from around the world. Her condition is so rare that the "Mackenzee Wittke Syndrome" was named after her. in August 2022, Kenzee celebrates her 13th birthday. (more…)
Jones Bob
July 11, 2022


You’re looking at mercy. An answer to a mother’s prayers. And a grateful wife too young to be a widow. What Mercy Looks Like Police officers, hospital staff and everyone else couldn’t believe the condition Ryan Gabert was in after suffering such a horrific accident. Some called it a miracle. On a deadly foggy Friday September 15th morning in northern Alberta, Ryan didn’t see the intersection. He T-boned a semi. His truck was totaled. Ryan was pinned for what seemed like an eternity before he was cut out with the jaws of life. The ambulance arrived at the Royal Alec Hospital in Edmonton around 10:00am. Grateful For Mercy His wife Lindsay arrived about the same time. At 2:00pm Ryan was…
Bob Jones
September 17, 2017


Five years after 33 Chilean miners emerged from their underground prison in a miraculous rescue, a new movie shares their story in gripping fashion. “The 33” or “Los 33” is story telling at its best. I was given tickets for an advance preview. I wondered if knowing the ending would make the experience less intense - not at all. “The 33” will draw you in, make you tear up and then surprise you with laugh-out-loud humanity. It is a phenomenal film about an unforgettable event. The Story Teller Mexican Director Patricia Riggen tells the story in way that honors the experience of the 33 and their families. Riggen interviewed each miner and his family before she started shooting the movie.…
Bob Jones
November 11, 2015


Rydon's parents believe in miracles. They watched their preemie son fight for his life with the aid of doctors and nurses in two hospitals and the prayers of family and friends each breath of the way. "Thanks again to everyone at North Pointe for your prayers and support. Words cannot describe how blessed we feel to have come so far." Looking at Rydon now, you'd never know the journey he's been on, so read about it below. Rydon Bouck faced more dire circumstances at 25 weeks old than most people experience in 25 years or an entire lifetime. On January 13, 2015, Rydon Harold was born to Kolby and Elise Bouck – son #3. Elise had endured a very difficult…
Bob Jones
March 28, 2015


"It is rare for a hospital to publicly credit a miraculous recovery to prayer and divine intervention." That's how a friend of mine introduced THE news story she sent to me.  The story was reported on December 30, 2013 in "Le Journal de Montreal." Dr. Sherif Emil Call it a coincidence, an accident, or maybe even luck or fate. But every now and again you come across a “miracle” - a patient, who against all odds, survives and thrives even when everything was stacked against them. On June 4, 2013, Dr. Sherif Emil, a surgeon at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, had just begun his week on call, when he received an urgent page from the pediatric surgery fellow. The prognosis…
Bob Jones
January 8, 2014