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Life Stories


Reading Kevin and Julia Garratt’s experiences in Chinese captivity left me feeling nauseous. The story of their arrest, captivity, grueling interrogations, and intense suffering over 775 days is chronicled in such a way as to create a vicarious experience. This is one book you will need to read in 2019. Whatever your circumstance, the Garratt’s vulnerability, honesty, faith, and humor will resonate with your spirit. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 14, 2019


The rough - its a destination for which my golf ball never needs to ask directions. Recreational and professional golfers alike, end up in it. It can be a place of intimidation or immortality. Some of the most memorable victories in the PGA or LPGA are of pros who made improbable shots out of the rough. In golf, championships are won not by avoiding getting into the rough but by successfully getting out. Life is much the same way. Life's UnFair Way To be in the rough is to be off the fairway. The rough feels unfair, frustrating, discouraging, and stands in the way of success. All too often, life resembles golf: our lives end up "in the rough" and…
Jones Bob
July 19, 2018


Christa Gagnon is the proud mom of two handsome boys and one precious little girl. When all of her friends in high school were discussing which programs they were going to take in University and what they wanted to be when they “grew up” she can remember thinking that her one and only desire in life was to be a mom. Being A Mom Being a mom was the best career choice she ever made. “I will never forget the first amazing months with my first child. Looking at him and thinking that I had no idea the heart could feel that amount of love for one human being. To my surprise it was the same when Jordan was born…
Bob Jones
May 8, 2016


“There’s somebody under all that stuff!” a young man shouted. My eyes were open but I couldn’t see. I couldn’t breathe either. I had been winded before but this was different. I really couldn’t breathe. All I could do was pray silently, “God I have to live. Anna is pregnant and I have to be there to help her bring up the baby.” Finally I sucked in a tiny breath with searing pain. I could see dimly. One shoe and my glasses were gone. I could hear myself groaning as people were pulling twisted shelves, cans and ceiling tiles off of me. My mind reeled. How Did I Get Here? It was the day before our first anniversary June 21,…
Bob Jones
October 18, 2015

People of the Cross: The 21 Martyrs

There they were, for all the world to see - 21 orange clad men  - kneeling on a beach. Most were Egyptians, working in Libya, trying to make some money and a future, just like the rest of us. They were captured by ISIS, tortured and threatened with death. Their crime? They were "people of the cross." Each one was given the chance to save their life by renouncing Christianity and embracing Islam. They chose to say, "No." Their last words were, "Lord Jesus Christ." People of the Cross 24-year-old Luqa Najati, a newlywed working in Libya to build a life for his family in Egypt. Najati didn’t know his wife was pregnant when he left to search for work.…
Bob Jones
August 21, 2015