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Never Give Up Hope: Lorie’s Story

Lorie confided in me that a medical condition had driven her to living a life "of passionate urgency." She partied hard in the bar scene, suffered through abusive relationships with boyfriends, traveled solo to Australia and jumped out of planes. Lorie visited mosques, because she was part Arabic, to find something she couldn't quite put her finger on. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 1, 2022
Life Stories


Kristen Fersovitch was a 28 year-old wife and mother of three sons under the age of four, when she was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and given only months to live. Like an ornament on a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, her life went on display for all to see. (more…)
Bob Jones
May 10, 2019


Faith, joy and hope are timeless qualities that will help you be your best even when life is at its worst. For Kristen Fersovitch they were a trilogy of tested and trusted convictions. When Kristen was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in 2011, she had no idea her story would inspire thousands of people across Canada. She has appeared in national magazines, newspapers, blogs and published in a hardcover book. In December 2015, CTV Edmonton ran a prime time feature on her life of music, family, marriage, parenting, and hope. Thank you, Dez Melenka at CTV for so beautifully telling Kristen's story. Purchase your copy of Ornament online at or at any of these Edmonton area outlets. Read Kristen's inspiring…
Bob Jones
February 9, 2016


This is a Guest Post from Kathy Brown, a friend of Kristen Fersovitch's. The article was written December 18, 2012. The Singing Christmas Tree About three weeks ago, with three papers, a sermon and a final exam still to complete, I was asked if I would volunteer for the Singing Christmas Tree which was being performed at the Jubilee Auditorium here in Edmonton, Alberta. My heart leapt inside me. It leapt because I was asked to recruit volunteers to sell Singing Christmas Tree merchandise and specifically a CD that was made by an Edmonton singer/songwriter and friend, Kristen Fersovitch. Kristen’s voice touches me in a special way, and her story touches me further. Immediately, my mind traveled back in time…
Bob Jones
October 5, 2013