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Child of Woe: Maury Blair

The old man was home again. He could be heard roaring, grumbling and then roaring again, cursing profusely in his drunken stupor, growling as he stumbled around the lower level of the house that was anything but home for Maury Blair. (more…)
Bob Jones
March 1, 2024

R.A. Dickey: Wherever I Wind Up

Got Blue Jays fever yet? Dickey is a Blue Jays pitcher who's got a good grip on life and a baseball. I was willing to go into extra innings to read, "Wherever I Wind Up," because I didn't want to put it down.. In what is arguably the most popular book on baseball, "Ball Four," Jim Bouton opened the doors 42 years ago to reveal what really goes on in a big league clubhouse (and hotels). R.A. Dickey does something even braver: he opens the door to the darkest moments of his life - from the sexual abuse he suffered at age 8 to his depression and the extramarital affair that almost ended his marriage. His courage in telling his…
Bob Jones
August 12, 2015