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Life Formation

15 Reasons Doing Good Is Good For You

A woman was having terrible difficulty getting through the death of her husband. She said to her physician, “Please give me a prescription to help me with my sadness. Every day I go to the cemetery and I put flowers on my husband’s grave, but it doesn’t help. It simply drives me deeper into grief. Please give me a prescription to ease my pain.” (more…)
Bob Jones
October 17, 2023
Life Stories

6 Cups of Kindness

The steady downpour of rain chilled me to the bone. The fingers on my gloveless hands felt like icicles. Climbing the steep, slippery, uneven steps at Petra, Jordan drained me of energy. The smell of smoke reached me before I saw its source. And then I heard, "Come and sit down. You must be tired. Here, have some tea." (more…)
Bob Jones
May 12, 2022


Albertans have been opening their homes, cupboards and wallets for fire evacuees from Fort McMurray since the city’s 80,000 residents were told to flee Tuesday. Amidst the tragedy and anguish being felt in northern Alberta, there have also been tremendous and inspiring acts of generosity and kindness. Countless stories have emerged of rescue and help efforts from good Samaritans who have provided fuel, food, water, blankets, shelter, supplies and even cash to those in great need. North Pointe was volunteered as a crisis care center indefinitely to the pastoral and counseling staff from Family Christian Centre. They are reaching out to evacuees by providing counsel, prayer, hugs, coffee, gift cards and a network of support. Don't lose track of the…
Bob Jones
May 11, 2016