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The most misunderstood person on the planet is an introvert. The reason you don't hear much about that from us is because we are introverts. Silent no more. I'm coming out of my shell to explode ten myths about introverts. MYTH #1 - Introverts don't like to talk. Not true at all. I am a preacher. Some people say I talk too much. I don't like to talk unless I have something to say. Introverts hate small talk. I default to the serious all the time  - or talking family,  church, writing, Jesus or  football. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in and they won't stop talking for minutes. MYTH #2 - Introverts don't know how to…
Bob Jones
March 9, 2016


Most successful people are assumed to be extr0verts. Why? Because they say so. However the following famous successful leaders and innovators all have one thing in common and its NOT extroversion. Bill Gates Christina Aguilera Michael Jordan Harrison Ford David Letterman J.K. Rowling Warren  Buffet Yes, they are ALL introverts. O, yes they are. Introverts, especially in business, and leadership face a challenge: would-be leaders who have a quiet, introverted leaning, tell themselves that to succeed they need to become something they aren't. Not true. Introverts can be highly influential and are among the most inspirational and respected leaders in the world. 6 Insights That Free Introverts To Excel 1. Don’t try to be an extrovert. If an introvert wants…
Bob Jones
December 15, 2013