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At one time I believed that money, education and certainly love, could change the world. Now don't get me wrong, love and money are certainly important, but without hope, even love and money aren't enough. Hope convinces you that tomorrow will be better than today. When you give a child hope, you can change the world. Orphans in Zimbabwe My wife, Jocelyn and I traveled to Harare, Zimbabwe in March, 2003 to see the “Village of Hope” - a fledgling response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. The Village was just a few months old - two buildings on a rural parcel of land. We met the first person being cared for at the Village of Hope. Her name was "Precious" -…
Bob Jones
February 16, 2014


"Faith, hope and joy to you." These are the words I write on the dedication page of each copy of the book Ornament. They aren't offered lightly. The words are tested and true. Kristen Fersovitch a thirty-year old wife, and mother of three boys under five, facing inoperable cancer, showed me over and over again how powerful the words are. Even in death they ring true. GREEN BALLOONS AND HOPE Kristen passed away on October 4, 2013 after a two year battle with cancer. The day after Kristen’s funeral I accompanied her body with John Davediuk from Serenity Funeral Services, to Garth Evangelical Cemetery - a small, countryside, cemetery. In preparation for the graveside service three green-coloured, star-shaped balloons had…
Bob Jones
January 14, 2013

A Day in Kristen’s Life

One snapshot of a day in Kristen Fersovitch's life - June 22, 2012. When I read her posts or talked to her, my prayer was, "Lord make her body as healthy as her spirit." Insight into what Kristen needed us to pray for. You probably know someone like Kristen who is going through a battle. You are supporting them and praying for them. You can find inspiration in the book "Ornament" - a legacy of Kristen's faith, joy and hope. Purchase it here.
Jones Bob
June 22, 2012