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The Lemonade Stand Millionaires

Sydney and Taylor Woodworth and their friends don’t just turn lemons into lemonade, they masterminded an endeavour that helps seriously ill children find hope and in the process learned that giving makes you feel like a million dollars. 2022 is the 13th and final year for the Lemonade Stand. Their work is one of the top feel good stories of my life. (more…)
Bob Jones
July 8, 2022
Health MattersLife Formation

God Has His Eye On You: Godwink

Have you had a Godwink? Going to visit an oncology doctor isn't one of most people's favorite things to do on a Friday afternoon. Kristen Fersovitch was dropped off early for her oncology appointment. Kristen needed something to do to pass the time. (more…)
Bob Jones
March 22, 2020
Life Stories


Every night on The Tragically Hip’s 2016 cross-Canada tour, frontman Gord Downie stood alone at the end of the night looking out at the crowd – waving, blowing kisses, bowing, giving the thumbs up. (more…)
Bob Jones
February 18, 2020
Health MattersLife Stories

I’m A Parent And Cancer Won’t Change That

My husband and I have two sons, Max and Jacob. It’s late. As I write this, we’ve just returned from a soccer tournament that was a 40-minute drive from home, in a blizzard, and finally they're both in bed. The thing is, being a parent doesn’t stop for anything. Not for blizzards, not for late nights, and not for cancer. (more…)
Bob Jones
February 14, 2020
Life FormationLife Stories


John Oaks is a singer/songwriter. John was playing keyboard and singing backup for a friend in a Starbucks in Manhattan just a skip up from Times Square. During a rendition of, If You Don't Know Me by Now, he noticed a lady sitting in one of the lounge chairs across from him. She was swaying to the beat and singing along. (more…)
Bob Jones
January 20, 2020