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Life Formation

PTSD And Me: Craig Silverson’s Story Part 2

This is Part 2 of Cpl Craig Silverson's journey through PTSD. You can follow him at @CraigSilverson There was no escaping it! From helmet to boots.  Once you stepped off, it was there. Moon dust. It was  so fine, similar to baby powder, that underneath my feet tiny clouds would appear. To my surprise the landscape had changed and the terrain had become hard and clay like.  Fractured.  The stark contrast captivated me. An image that I would later see when I looked in the mirror. Underneath the surface and often barely evident was our biggest threat,  Improvised Explosive Devices. Now my anger had become my own IED and  the slightest thing would set me off! I desperately wanted my…
Bob Jones
November 10, 2019