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ydHave you struggled with body image or an eating disorder or want to improve your fitness? Sydney Day gets you. She teaches simple ways to help you live a healthier life and reach your goals.

Longtime Family Friends

Sydney is the founder of Sydney Day Fitness in Calgary, Alberta. She has a Diploma in Culinary Arts, a Diploma in Nutrition, and a Diploma in Personal Training. Syd also holds a Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer certification (CSEP-PT) and is a Certified Spin instructor. She uses all her educational backgrounds to help people like me and you improve our health.

Syd and the Joneses go back a long way. 42 years ago, we met Syd’s father. He was 16-years old at the time, an elite level hockey player and champion basketball player. Syd comes by her fitness and entrepreneurial instincts naturally. Her mom was a teenager in our youth group in Montreal. Syd gets her dogged determination from her mom. We attended their wedding and watched their little family grow and thrive in Canada and Panama.

Training With Syd

Syd stands 5ft 9in, the shortest one in her family and the only current redhead. She started lifting heavy weights when she was 19 and she’s now almost 25. Her PR glute thrust is 320lbs for 4 reps… on the road to 400lbs.

When you sign up to train with Syd you’ll get support along the way, tips, and tricks, and most importantly guidance on how to make exercise a part of your everyday lifestyle. And you get Syd.

Syd loves what she does. “I get to help people write their stories, I get to be a support, a cheerleader, and a coach to my clients. I am truly blessed to have found a career that I love.” She is invested in her clients. When her clients reach their goals that is a victory for Syd.

And you don’t have to be a 20-something to benefit from Syd. With Syd in your corner, you get support, in depth workouts, motivation, accountability and knowledge. She’ll stretch you and help old guys like me see the importance of stretching.

The Importance of Stretching

1. Maintain flexibility. As we grow older, we often lose flexibility. Remember as a kid you could put your legs behind your head? Now imagine your grandma doing that?

2. Improves posture. The more flexibility we have through our muscles means less pull on the skeleton on our posture. If you’re someone who does lots of sitting, I bet you have lower back issues don’t you?

3. Helps to calm the brain, relieve headaches, and improve mood. Stretching gets blood flowing and muscles warmed up which gives the body that relax response.

“I often have clients who never stretch, get anxious, have brutal headaches and sometimes a full body stretch is what they need to make them feel better. I encourage people to take 5-10 mins a day to stretch, clear their mind, focus on their breathing, and improve on flexibility! Drink lots of water after.”

Human Leader 1st

As a teen, Syd struggled with an eating disorder. She made some dietary changes and saw a healthy change in her body. She still struggles and shares about her down times. Vulnerability is her courage. She reminds us that taking a day off or days off training is what humans do.

On June 15, 2022, she posted, “Mentally I am just not in it today, I woke up foggy minded and just feeling low. I struggled to get my cardio in this morning. I just want to remind everyone that you don’t know what people are going through.

I’m proud of where I am at but felt so defeated and weak today. We are human, having ups and downs is part of life.

Also, a reminder that what you see on social media isn’t often what that persons life looks like. I might look strong here but don’t feel that way today. Everyone has things they feel insecure about, but learn to love those parts of you, because they are YOU.”

Syd’s Cooking and Fave Recipes

Syd shares recipes and shows you how to make her favourite foods. We just tried this one out for lunch!

1 can tuna
2 tsp celery
3 tsp tomato
3 tsp onion
1 squirt sriracha
1 tbsp mayo
1/2 avocado
Dash of lemon pepper

“I know a lot of people don’t like tuna, but I swear adding in the avocado makes it super buttery and creamy. Not only that but the spice and lemon pepper take away any “fishy” taste! If you’re on a budget this is such a great meal to make! Try it in a wrap or with nacho chips.”

Water and More

Check out her talk about the health benefits of drinking water from May 25th on Instagram.

Want to get healthy? Stay fit? Look into Sydney Day Fitness. Syd will be glad to book a free consult with you.

Follow Syd on Instagram and Facebook.

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  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    Thank you to Syd for sharing her story. As a Dietary Technologist, in my clinical training at The Royal Alexandra Hospital as a student, I visited a young gal of 19 years old in the Psych ward. She was a living skeleton. She was suffering from Anorexia. We were always trying to find something for her to eat. Going down to the cafeteria to get her an order of fries & gravy & a milkshake. (Just to get some calories into her.) She didn’t eat much of it…but we had to try. She was in the latter stages of her disease. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it. She passed away before I finished my training there. She was a patient that was constantly admitted for her health issues…but, unfortunately it was her last time. I have seen the ravages from that issue. So, it is so nice to hear Syd’s journey. Thank you Pastor Bob for sharing her story with us. There is life after having an eating disorder.

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