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Did you know three quarters of people who successfully end their own lives are men?

A guest post from Rachael Rolof. Her husband Colton died by suicide on March 22, 2023. We don’t know Rachael but we have friends who do. September is Suicide Prevention Month. Rachael posted this on Facebook to share some vulnerable and helpful thoughts in hopes this will help you help someone who needs your help. Used with Rachael’s permission.

This is my husband, Colton.

Most of you already know who he is because he made his presence known everywhere he went. His smile was so bright it put the sun to shame. He had a way of making every single person feel heard. He was loud, yes, but if everyone else was talking over your story he would lock eyes with you and engage to let you know that someone was listening, that someone cared.

Even when he felt alone and unimportant, he always set that aside and cared for others well-being before his own.

What Suicide Looks Like

Colton was a protector and provider. He worked hard for his family. He was a proud father and devoted husband. The most loyal friend you could ask for. Colton would drop everything to help anyone if he was able to. He could pull a smile out of the saddest frown. He had this gravitational pull.

You saw him and couldn’t help but be drawn to him, to feel his warmth. He had the most amazing heart, and the kindest soul.

This is what suicide looks like. It is not always giving away prized possessions, staying in bed all day, or isolating yourself.

It’s someone that is successful, employed, physically healthy, surrounded by love, and plastered with smiles. You see it coming from a million miles away and it still hits you like a freight train.

Men and Suicide

Did you know three quarters of people who successfully end their own lives are men?

Check on your men. Your friends, coworkers, classmates. Your dad, your son, your grandpa, your brother, your husband.

He told me if things had been different for him, he believes he could have gotten the help he needed when it would have made a difference.

Let’s do better for our boys that are growing into men. Let them know it’s okay to have a sick brain, implement self care, teach them about their feelings and how to manage them, give them healthy coping mechanisms and a safe space to be vulnerable.

It’s suicide prevention month. It’s easy to share a post on Facebook with a list of phone numbers and never really think about it again. I wish it was that easy for me.


Check on someone today that you haven’t in a while, REALLY check on them. It could mean more then you know.

~ In loving memory of Colton Edward Rolof, forever 29 ~

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  • Ken Clarke says:

    Thank you Pastor Bob for sharing this post. Thank you Rachael for sharing your story. This has prompted me to reach out to men I know…

  • Sheila Parlby says:

    ThanksBob.This is a great reminder Der.

  • Bob Jones says:

    That’s so good to know, Ken!

  • Teresa Kristel says:

    I knew Colton. And Rachel will be an advocate for mental health.
    Just a reminder to reach out!
    Thank You Pastor Bob, you to are a great advocate for mental health issues.

  • Bob Jones says:

    You are a wonderful support in Barrhead for mental health. Hoping to see Bethel continue on the front lines as a safe place to talk about mental health.

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