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This book is a wonderful gift of hope to any who would take the time to read it.


One of my favourite stories about “Ornament” is meeting a nurse who cared for Kristen in the last weeks of her life. I delivered copies of the book to Karoline at the Misericordia hospital. She spoke warmly about the spiritual influence Kristen and her family had on her caregivers.

“The graphic excellence and intimate details create a connection portrayed through the challenging personal journey and photographs. Ornament beautifully challenges the assumption that life has to be perfect to find joy; that circumstance have to work out in our favour to maintain our faith. It breaks the bonds of despair by showing who is able to bring real HOPE! If you need help finding that kind of hope; a redemption not yet visible-you need this book!” (Grace Maclellan)


“I have a personal connection with Kristen Fersovitch – she was a dear friend – whenever I listened to her- sing – or speak – her faith made my heart swell up. She was simply an inspiration. I just ordered 6 of her books to give my children at Christmas as they knew her as well.

I look forward to the read – as I loved her dearly and I know her message of FAITH will astound you!” D.R.


“I read this book several times and am amazed every time how much I get out of it. The story is inspiring! The personal growth and life lessons found throughout each chapter have had a profound impact on my life.

I recommend this book to anyone going through any trial or just looking for fresh spiritual enrichment.”

Purchase your copies of Ornament online at Chapters or by emailing subject line: Ornament. Thank you.

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