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Have you ever had a stroke of bad luck that started a domino effect to disaster? Shannon Reeve’s new semi-truck and his life long dream were in shambles. There were fuel bills, insurance bills, repair bills, no money to cover medical bills and a $130k loan that was screaming for payments.

Shannon was suicidal. His marriage teetered on disaster. He drowned his sorrows in an endless flow of alcohol.

Living Proof

You’re facing a looming disaster. Your life feels in shambles. Is there a way out? You are not alone.

Shannon and Aurelie Reeve are living proof that impossible turnarounds still happen. Even when you’ve given up hope. There is another factor beyond you that is in play.

The Reeves invited me into their Barrhead, Alberta home as their pastor and friend. I listened incredulously over coffee after a scrumptious dinner prepared by Aurelie as they shared their remarkable story.

Shannon and Aurelie grew up in alcoholic homes. Addiction and the tragic side-effects were all they knew. When they started their family that would become three daughters, Aurelie stopped drinking. Shannon pledged to stop. However, working away from home allowed him to remain a closet alcoholic – for years.

The Pain in His Soul

The injuries he suffered in a trucking accident left him in excruciating pain. The pain in his soul cut even deeper. There didn’t seem any way out of the hell he was living. He loved Aurelie and his girls but he knew his addiction was bringing them down.

After visiting Aurelie at her job as a customer service rep for a major bank, he returned home preparing to die by suicide. Something inside told Aurelie to call her brother and ask him to intercept Shannon at their home. Shannon pulled his vehicle into their garage, closed the door, rolled up the windows and left the engine running.

Then Aurelie’s brother showed up. Shannon, and he spent the rest of the day drinking themselves into a stupor.

Come to my Church

Weeks later Aurelie’s sister invited her to church. Though Shannon initially resisted he shocked Aurelie by rousing their girls and bundling all of them into their truck and heading off to church.

That morning when the pastor gave an invitation to follow Jesus, Shannon had an encounter with God. He saw Jesus standing at the end of his pew. Jesus invited Shannon to follow him. He reached out his hand. Shannon stood up and walked to meet the pastor at the front of the church. The pastor prayed a simple prayer for him. That’s when Shannon started to believe in miracles.

In that instant Shannon says he lost all desire for alcohol. Aurelie joined him at the front for prayer. They have never looked back.

No Easy Road

God blessed them in multiple ways from health to debt repayment and a successful new business. The Reeve’s faith journey has been no easy road. They suffered the loss of a granddaughter. Their own daughter, Laurie, recently died.  The grief almost robbed them of their faith and hope. But friends and trust in God saw them through.

The Reeves will tell anyone, “You are not alone. You matter. Don’t give up. Trust Jesus.”

Read their full story in “From Alcoholism to Awesome” available in paperback or Kindle.

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