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Eden Levi’s youthful looks hide the lioness inside that would rise up to defend her community from the terrorism of Hamas.

Commander Eden Levi, 19

All Israelis aged 18 must enlist in the Israel Defence Force. Males serve for two years and eight months and women serve for two years.

Eden Alon Levi turned 19 this year. She was a commander in the Home Front Command, from Nirit. Her Linkedin profile describes her as an electrical and computer engineer. Along with her buddies, Eden bore the brunt of the Hamas terrorist invasion early on the morning of October 7th.

She awoke that day looking forward to the celebrations on the Sabbath. Eden had no idea what was awaiting.


Eden Levi will stay 19 years old forever. Her base was the only one near the Gaza border not taken over by terrorists on October 7th. She successfully fought off 10 terrorists with RPGs, grenades, and automatic weapons.

She died saving her whole base.

Nineteen years was far too short for her kind of woman. Earth was not worthy of Eden.

Her sister called her the “family angel.”

They were devastated by their cherished one’s death but comforted by her heroism.


We met young soldiers like Eden on one of our trips to Israel. Doesn’t this soldier bear some resemblance to Eden? Maybe it’s the smile. She was proud to serve her country and I was pleased she allowed a picture. I wonder if she is now in harm’s way somewhere in Gaza.

Think of this: the IDF operates at the risk of their own teenage soldiers, to parse out Palestinian citizens from Hamas terrorists that dress like, and travel with citizens. And Israel takes it in the neck from Canadian MPs, the UN, USA, and the media as well as Hamas and Hezbollah.  The world is upside down, inside out.

Eden Levi’s life shines as a light.

God bless and protect Israel.

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