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2020 was… well… unique. In what other December could someone writing in jest, “I believe in mandatory vacations” create a social media firestorm. (Please read again to note the use of the word “vacations”.) And that about sums up the year for the Jones family. (more…)
Bob Jones
December 22, 2020
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A Creature Was Stirring

“His hair was shoulder-length, his youthful face hid behind an abundance of shaggy beard. Over tight, faded blue jeans and an old, bulky knit, he had thrown his pride and joy — a sheepskin wrap.” Where were you when you first heard Jerry Forbes reading A Creature Was Stirring? For me it was December 1990, in our '82 Cutlass Sierra, the radio dial tuned to Edmonton’s 630 CHED. (more…)
Bob Jones
December 10, 2019