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In the Fast there is a Feast. The rhythms of Lent.

A guest post from Tammy Thibodeau.

It’s rare to see Tammy without her husband Ross. Tammy and Ross have been a part of our lives since the ‘8os. Both were volunteer leaders in our youth group in Montreal, and Tammy became the assistant pastor at Lakeshore Church a few years after we moved to Alberta.

She is one of the most thoughtful Christians we know – devoted, fierce, gentle, loyal, loving, and wise.

Fast and Feast

Lent is a 40-day period before Easter when followers of Jesus give up or fast from something in preparation to experience the sufferings of Jesus.  Tammy suggests there is a feast in the fast.

Fast from criticism;

Feast on encouragement.


Fast from trying to control the outcome;

Feast on trust.


Fast from hate;

Feast on gentleness.


Fast from complaining;

Feast on gratitude.


Fast from anger;

Feast on patience.


Fast from pessimism;

Feast on hope.


Fast from bitterness and resentment;

Feast on forgiveness.


Fast from self-concern;

Feast on self-forgetfulness.


Fast from distraction;

Feast on focus.


Fast from speech;

Feast on silence.


Fast spending;

Feast on generosity.


Fast from fear;

Feast on peace.


Fast from …

Feast on…

You can probably think of many more. Maybe some more personal to you.

Just Like That

Repentance makes room… for honesty.
The last couple of years have shown us good things for sure about humanity. But one would have to try hard not to be struck by how quickly the world, friends, families, communities… divided.
Just like that.


How quickly we turned to villianizing and contempt.

Just like that.


How quickly we started seeing someone to fear in the other side.

Just like that.


I guess it just reminds me that we can cross over to hate so quickly.

Just like that.


But then if I truly repent… it opens my eyes.

Just like that.


I am forgiven.

Just like that.


I can face the truth of my brokenness.

Just like that.


I am freed to love, mend, heal.

Just like that.


Thank you Jesus for walking with us in our broken world. You did not shy away from us even though you saw right through us. You stayed, loved us, suffered and died, But you never ever had anything in your heart but love for us… even with your dying breath. So much love that death could not consume you. It was not big enough to consume your love. Your love consumed death. And kept on loving us.

Just like that.


Jesus truly you are the hope of my world.

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Tammy Thibodeau

Tammy is a poet, writer, leader, wife, and a follower of Jesus. She lives on the West island of Montreal, QC.

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