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Are you a backseat driver? When you go grocery shopping, do you give the stare-down to anyone trying to buy something that isn’t on the grocery list?


Guest post from Jesse Skarra. Jesse writes at a brand new blogsite – Mobile Faith. He is a stay-at-home dad to 3 kiddos under 6. Jesse writes with a raw honesty combined with a twisted sense of humour that only a parent can master.

Betcha can’t read one of his posts without smiling.


Do you own a day-planner that is color coordinated, full of tabs, and organizes your schedule day by day and moment by moment? I can most definitely be a control freak to an extent. I like things done my way. I’m one of those people who will go back and change how things are placed in the dishwasher because it is just so frustratingly WRONG!

I will unashamedly kick anyone out of the kitchen who dares to mess with how I do things and I will be a big old grumbly bear when things go different than I would like and are beyond my control.

Don’t judge me, I’m a work in progress.

Backseat Driver

How often we think that we are the ones who are in control of our lives. How often we have this notion that we are in the driver’s seat with all the power. The reality is though that we don’t get a say in so many things in our life. We don’t get to decide when we are born. We don’t get a say in what our primary language will be when we first begin speaking.

And when you think about it, we don’t have a choice even in how many brothers or sisters we will end up having.

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  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    I loved the story about Jesse Skarra. You really have to be ready to reinvent yourself sometimes. The most unexpected things can happen, and you just have to “go with the flow”. I learned by my own life experiences…that sometimes your life will take a totally different course than you expected…but, you just have to roll with it. Thank you for sharing this blog with us Pastor Bob. I look forward to your blog every week.

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