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My heart is gutted for our friends in Ukraine and Russia.

Oh God

(Jocelyn’s post.)

I find myself going about my day saying, “oh God, oh God.” I have no words, just a cry from my heart.

I’m thankful for people who are boots on the ground doing what they can to help and are keeping us informed.

I can’t shake the images of women and children with backpacks and bags, bundled up against the cold, walking to who knows where.

So, as I cleaned my house today and I dusted the furniture and knick knacks I realized that none of them matter or are important. If I had to flee to safety, those things would be left behind.

I imagine women like me taking a last look at their home and worldly possessions before closing the door and rushing to a border for refuge.

My mind goes to the families in Russia who hosted us just four years ago. Their future is uncertain.

One Family

A few years ago, our church sponsored a Syrian family to come to St Albert from Damascus. They felt the terror and horror of Russian bombing. Some of their family members were killed. Sponsoring them seemed like the least we could do. I sat at their table and enjoyed a delicious meal and lively conversation. Their tone betrayed no sign of bitterness. But their souls bore the scars of loss.

We couldn’t help every family but we could help this family.

What Really Matters

What I know really matters is my relationship with Jesus and my solid belief and conviction that God is still in control. We hear accounts from Ukraine of miracles in the midst of chaos. As I sit at my kitchen table, I know that God is faithful. What I would do to help the women, men and children of Ukraine be confident of that as well. I hope in some way, one family, if only one from our effort, could feel hope and love again.

Please share your thoughts below. Thank you.

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Jocelyn Jones

Jocelyn is the better half of the REVs at REVwords. She loves people, football, tasty recipes, and always succeeds in making life enjoyable. She is Gramma J to 5 grandchildren and mom to 2 sons and 2 daughters. Married to Bob for 42 long years.

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  • Adena Lowry says:

    May God’s eyes rest on Ukraine and May his palm hold them safe . All things are possible with Christ . May Jesus be their rock and May the world see His glory in their grief .

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