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Ukraine is on our minds, in our prayers, and with our help. Images out of Kyiv (keev) are heartbreaking.

War In A Generation of Peace

The world was already on a rolling boil with the tumultuous effects of a once-in-a-century pandemic, division, and protests over COVID mandates. The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine is casting the globe into a frightening unknown.

Our generation has known only peace. The choice of Ukrainian civilians to take up arms and defend their country leaves us sobered.

Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, has vowed to stay in the city to fight for it, despite offers of evacuation “All of us here. We are defending our independence. And we will continue to do so.” David French describes Zelensky as an ordinary, under-estimated leader stepping up in an extraordinary time.

Ukrainian elected officials are training with AK-47’s to defend their country.

We want to do something to help and make a difference. But what?

How to Help

Jocelyn and I giving to the Emergency Relief and Development Overseas. Your giving supports children in our care in the Ukraine.

You can give through Ed Dickson’s work at Loads of Love (choose “Ukraine – Ed Dickson” in the drop-down menu). The money will go as fast as possible towards getting food, water and emergency supplies to families in need there.

Humanitarian Aid Response Team – Support our Refugee Fund. Your donations will provide food, water, shelter, and ot

her essentials for these displaced persons through our extensive network of Ukrainian churches. You will help meet their most urgent physical needs and will show them the love of Christ through a local church.”

Here is an update from Stephen and Patti Hertzog, who are our denomination’s Regional Directors in Eurasia, which includes Ukraine.

This Week

If you are pastor, include Ukraine in your prayer meetings this week.

This is not a political moment. It is a human moment.

Use the following Scriptures in your prayers: “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice!” (Psalm 130:1)

“Why, O Lord, do you stand aloof? Why hide in times of distress?” (Psalm 10:1

“Sovereign Lord, you observe all those who dwell on earth. Have mercy we pray on those who now suffer the miseries of a war not of their own making. Have compassion on the wounded and dying; comfort the broken-hearted; confound the hatred and madness of those who make war; guide our rulers, bring war to an end, bring peace across the world. Unite us all under the reign of your Son, the Prince of Peace, before whose judgment seat the rulers of the world will give account, and in whose name we pray. Amen.
” (Archbishop of Sydney)

Display a Ukrainian flag or “Pray For Ukraine” on your Facebook page.

Light your platform with blue and yellow.

Inform your congregation how they can give to help Ukrainians.

If you are part of the PAOC, remind your congregation of our missionaries and churches in Ukraine and Russia (see below).

What to Pray For:

Divine protection of Ukraine—especially of our national partners and families and our precious ERDO ChildCARE Plus children.

A peaceful solution to the crisis and an immediate end to hostilities. There are young men from our churches in Ukraine and Russia fighting on both sides of this conflict. Russians are

The church in Russia. They need our prayers. Remember our friends in Siberia, the Bantseevs. We worked and lived with them in 2017.

Our pastors and churches would continue to be shining examples of the love and compassion of Christ, not only to their own people but to all the people of their communities.

Lines of communication and supply remain open so we can continue to be in touch with our national partners in Ukraine and continue to send them much-needed help on the ground.

Who To Trust

Rev. Patti Miller. She works closely with churches in the Ukraine. Follow her on Facebook  and Twitter

On Twitter



Christopher Miller – correspondent with BuzzFeed News


Anders Östlund in Kyiv

Reuters World

Ukraine Twitter List

Please leave a prayer for Ukraine or a comment below. Thank you. Дякую

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