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April 4th. Not April 1st.  This is the day the 167 Ave detour begins, and its no April Fools joke.

For 7 months a route that sees over 17,000 cars a day drive by North Pointe will be shutdown. Over the past five years, dozens of families and hundreds of people have been able to connect with North Pointe because of their familiarity with our facility and sign.

The shutdown is a short-term pain.

A new 167 Ave will be built, along with a new sub-division.  In the next two years it is anticipated that 3,000 residences will be built and over 10,000 people will become our “next door neighbours.”

So, what can you do with a detour?

Take the detour and move forward “undetoured.”  When you face life’s challenges its the best option.  During April we will be focusing on being

“undetoured in reaching the world,”
“undetoured in facing your greatest challenge,”
“undetoured in rebuilding lives,” and
“undetoured in facing the cross.”

Our prayer is that this real life detour can become memorable for more than just an inconvenience.  It can serve as an illustration of God’s providence in caring for us when facing challenges.

Come November 2011, the detour will be in our past.  Will God’s provision be in your heart?

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