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Ukraine needs high-quality news portals like the Kyiv Independent to counter the Russian narrative.


Daily Information on Ukraine

There is so much misinformation about Ukraine out there. I rely on daily, trusted information about Ukraine from the Kyiv Independent. The Kyiv Independent is an English-language Ukrainian online newspaper. Receive daily updates with no subscription fee.

The following observations are from Brian Bonner, a writer for The Kyiv Independent, living in Kyiv. He shares a stark reality.


While Kyiv and its residents, including myself, dream of a Victory Day parade that will celebrate the expulsion of Russian forces from all of Ukraine’s territory, this is not a realistic hope. Russia is not going to stop being an enemy soon, and its imperialistic yearning to recover its lost empire runs deep. It’s putting its economy on a perpetual war footing, as its $140 billion defense budget in 2024 suggests.


A Big Israel

Zelensky said early in the war Ukraine needs to become a “big Israel.” This goal will require a fundamental transformation of Ukrainian society. The nation will have to become more militarily self-sufficient and entice recruits by making them more confident that they will be trained, armed, and taken care of properly. Military experts say that if soldiers believe they will survive the battlefield, they are less likely to evade military service.


Americans lucked out geographically. We have oceans on our eastern and western borders and friendly neighbors on our northern and southern ones. Ukraine lives in a much rougher neighborhood. The nation’s survival will require having the strongest defense in Europe – not just now but most likely for generations to come. And that means, like other nations that have adopted a “total defense” policy, everyone who is able will have to join the fight if needed.

The Strongest Defence In Europe

 For Ukraine to win the war, its foreign allies must give Ukraine all the money and weapons it needs. But victory will also require that Ukraine takes Hodges’ friendly advice and do “everything necessary” to have everybody in the fight that is needed.


The Kyiv Independent started in 2021 and was supported by an emergency grant of $200,000 CAN from the Canadian government.

Please pray for myself and Ed Dickson and our friends in Ukraine and check out the Kyiv Independent. Thank you.

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  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    Safe travels Pastor Bob. I will be praying for the safety of you & others…up & until you make it back to Canadian soil. ❣️❤️

  • Bob Jones says:

    Thank you, Julie!

  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    You’re welcome. Safe travels. Will look forward to the stories, after your journey through Ukraine.

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