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Think of this as a warning label for an addictive drug.

Many people I know check and interact on social sites constantly throughout the day. And they have no idea how much actual time they spend on social media.

Most of the major social network companies, as well as social content creators, are working hard every day to make their networks so addictive that you can’t resist them. I know. I resist.

Tweets, Tags, Pins, Likes, Etc.

Today’s youth only know a world of “likes” or “comments” and cannot even imagine life without it.

There’s a virtual world of social networking sites and apps including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Snapchat and many others that allow users to pin, post, tag, chat, share, tweet, like and comment.

wade sorochan2Wade Sorochan is an Edmonton-based broadcaster, author and a rising voice for mental health advocacy among youth. His latest book, UnSocial Media is getting traction as practical guide for parents and students experiencing the ramifications of social media over-exposure.

Social Media Anxiety?

Can social media cause men­tal health issues without you even knowing? Can you get so caught in something that you’re not even aware of its nega­tive effects?

Many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and chronic fatigue due to social media addiction. Social media can become an anxiety induced fixation for “Likes” and “Comments.” It’s causing poor academic and work performance, and serious men­tal and physical health issues.

Studies now show that social media can actually make you feel sad, anxious and depressed.

Wade Sorochan

Parents And Educators Response-Ability

Wade Sorochan believes parents and educators have a responsibility to ensure that today’s youth are aware of the negative effects of social media. In UnSocial Media, readers will acquire practical tools needed to open up a discussion on this important topic. You’ll discover that no matter what age you are, if you use social media and you’re unaware of its negative effects, you could be at risk of developing mental health issues.

Social media is not all bad, but it can be addictive, and like any other addiction, it can be harmful or dangerous and potentially lead to Social Media Anxiety, possibly the next recognized mental health disorder.

Think of UnSocial Media as a warning label for an addictive drug.Unsocial Media2

UNSOCIAL MEDIA Readers Will Learn:

  • How social media can cause feelings of sadness, loneliness, envy, resentment,
    low self-esteem, anxiety and depression
  • Important facts about mental illness
  • Symptoms of “Social Media Anxiety Disorder”
  • The latest social media trends raising concerns
  • Ways for parents and teens to help prevent cyberbullying
  • How smartphones can impair memory
  • How screen time affects sleep
  • Tips to break social media addiction
  • Online safety tips

…And more!

Hear Wade Sorochan at the Edmonton Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 29, 2020.

APPLICATION: What do you think about Social Media? How has it affected your family. Please leave a comment below.

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