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Jocelyn did a great job of packing three weeks worth of clothing into one backpack for my trip to Ukraine. Yep, I’m travelling light.

Travelling Light

Jocelyn honed her skills following our debacle with our first cruise. Our luggage never arrived at the airport and we went for three days wearing clothing we purchased on the ship. Jocelyn has to borrow shoes from friends we were travelling with.

I’ve never seen someone so happy as Jocelyn was when our luggage finally showed up in port at our second stop. Now we only travel with carry-on wherever and for however long we go.

Traveling Mercies

We’ll connect with students in a Seminary in Lviv. Then host McJoyful parties for kids with Happy Meals from McDonalds Poltava.

We’ll visit churches in Dniepro, Zaparoshia, Poltava and Kryvvy Rog and deliver humanitarian supplies to residents near the frontlines.

I reminded myself before going that we are guests. We’ll come home to the safety of Canada. The people we connect with live in the midst of a brutal war.

In August 2017, Jocelyn and I and our team from North Pointe travelled to Siberia for three weeks. We never imagined the region at war just six years later. Our friends had to leave Siberia when Russia cracked down on foreign nationals. Now they live in Israel helping displaced Russians and Ukrainians in the war between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah. Everyday they have to take shelter from rocket attacks.

Good Wins

This is Ed’s youngest daughter, Stefi. She says, “Good always wins.”

I agree with her.

One of the people I follow in Ukraine posted from Kharkiv, “Every morning, the thought about brave men and women on the frontline who made this morning possible for me is pushing me up and forward. If they can do their part despite rain, hordes of enemies, swarms of drones, dirt and mice, shells and missiles… we all must do ours too!

When you pray for us, say a prayer for Ukraine and Israel as well.

Thank you.

We’ll update you as able. It’s best to follow Bob on his Facebook page.

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