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Being a part of Total Praise has allowed me the opportunity to experience something that I thought I might not get to again in my life.  I was in choir in high school, and was part of a small group of girls that went to elementary schools and sang.  For 35 years I’ve remembered the joy that the bond and relationships with the other singers brought to my life.  For the past few months, I have re-experienced that joy.  With Total Praise, the joy is much greater because our purpose each week as we practice and every time we perform is to offer our total praise, through our combined voices, to honor Jesus Christ.

At first I felt very uncomfortable because it had been so long since I sang with a group, but all the ladies are tremendously supportive of one another and I was quickly put at ease.  I’ve been friends or acquaintances with some of the ladies over the past few years at North Pointe, but being part of this praise team has allowed a deepening of relationships that is a great support to me throughout the week, as I look forward to seeing them and practicing again on Sundays!

Under the direction of Jan Burden, we come together each week to sing together, laugh together and pray together, with the idea of harmonizing not only in voice, but also in our relationships.  We come from different backgrounds, circumstances and struggles that we encourage each other through each week.  I think I can speak for all the ladies in the group when I say that Jan’s passion and vision for the group inspires us to work hard, prepare, but most of all have fun when we come together to offer music that honors God as well as be enjoyable to listeners.

Thank you, North Pointe and Jan Burden, for supporting and leading this ministry.

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  • Gisela Hillier says:

    Ladies! “Sisters” at heart 🙂 Your group is totally awesome with an inspiring and encouraging message in song! Most of all I’m so aware that as you continue to sing unto the Lord He alone will be glorified. Keep the vocal cords in tune, a smile in your hearts and “go for it”! When I heard you sing I was so reminded of the singers from Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir ministering to so many who along with all of you have a story of how the Lord touched their lives. Praying for you !

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