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Here are the Top 3 Posts from October 2014. Please tweet this link or share it on your FB page with friends who would benefit from the content you have enjoyed.Slide1

The Top 3 Posts From October 2014.

#1 –  “You Can’t Out Give God: Matt and Hannah’s Story”

Matt and Hannah Kaup are newly married with a baby daughter.

Like most young Canadian couples their cash flow is limited. However, they have found a way to sponsor not one, but three children in Africa.

See why they chose to work with Compassion Canada, World Vision and Watoto to sponsor the welfare of children they have never met. Read more here…

#2 – “One Promise, Two Shoes and Lessons For a Lifetime”

Kristen Fersovitch had been battling cancer for over 15 months when we had a conversation in her home.

“When you’re stronger we’ll run together. I’ll try to keep up with you. Promise.”

Kristen laughed.

Cancer had drained Kristen of the energy to run but not her faith to believe for better days. She was as ferocious in her determination to get healthy as she was in her approach to everything else in life. She put her running shoes on her bedroom nightstand, right beside her Bible – they were her declaration of hope.

The shoes remained undisturbed for a year after her passing on October 4, 2013.

On October 4, 2014, Kristen’s running shoes went back into use. Read more here…

#3 – “Rena’s Story”

One of my husband Wayne’s work assignments took us to Perth, Australia.

It was while we were there, that God sent me to prison. (Yes, I’m blaming God! I can’t account for this any other way.)

It wasn’t because I’d committed a crime that I found myself in jail, but because of a story that I had told – a story in which I was a victimRead more here…

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