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read-booksMy top 10 blog posts. They come from some of my favourite writers and leaders.

#1. SANDI KRAKOWSKI – CREATED FOR GREATNESS – “Have you ever noticed that we train people for GREATNESS as the people of God, but when someone starts embracing their greatness, they oftentimes get accused of being filled with vain ambition, worldliness or even sin? “ (continue reading…)

#2. ANNE LAMOTT – I AM CUCKOO BUT HOPE IS ON THE WAY – (This is a year old but never out of date) “We are now in the third week of Advent, which is a big time of year for my Jesusy people. The new church year begins and a new note is struck: It is a time of preparation and waiting, because even though, as autumn grinds to a dark and murky halt, everything is dying and falling asleep and falling off, something brand new is coming. Hope is coming. And so one of the messages of Advent is, don’t weep over leaves.” (continue reading…)

#3. CINDY KEATING (Red Carpet Life) – THREE THINGS I’VE LEARNED ABOUT TRUE JOY – “The roller coaster of life’s up’s and down’s is never ending, and they are inevitable. But what is joy amidst? In these past few months (which has really been a long journey of the past two years) I have experienced 3 very freeing truths…(continue reading…)

#4. MICHAEL HYATT – STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING NEW HABITS“Good habits lead to good outcomes. Bad habits lead to bad ones. But if it’s this simple, why is it so hard to change? Maybe it’s time to step back and deconstruct the whole process. In this episode I confess to a bad habit and what I learned in the process of trying to overcome it.” (continue reading…)

#5. BILL HYBELLS – “3M MEETINGS” – I take a “3M” mindset into meetings: 1 Let’s Move something ahead! 2 Let’s Modify what is not working 3 Motivate everybody as they leave!” (continue reading…)

#6. SETH GODIN – WHO’S LEFT? – The classified section of the Sunday New York Times used to be more than twenty or thirty pages long. Now it’s down to one. Part of this is due to the lack of new jobs in the post-industrial economy, but mostly it’s due to job listings moving online. If your HR department is run by policies that were established a decade ago, its worth a new look. (continue reading…)

#7. JOHN MAXWELL – WHY BRILLIANT MESSAGES OFTEN GET MISSED – On January 9, 2007 world-class violinist Joshua Bell performed in front of a capacity crowd at Boston’s historic Symphony Hall, one of the finest acoustic concert venues on earth. Good seats to the event cost $100 per ticket. Three days later, Bell showed up unannounced at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro. (continue reading…)

#8. ERWIN MCMANUS – WHY REAL LEADERS SHAPE THE FUTURE – “Over the last 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of leaders rise and fall. I’ve seen unassuming leaders succeed and great talents fail. It has been, to say the very least, a strange curiosity to watch it all unfold over the years. Only in retrospect could all of this have been foreseen.” (Continue reading…)

#9. DAVID WELLS – READ, REFLECT AND APPLY – “Are you like me: two or three books on the go at once, always trying to remember where you’re at and what the main points or storyline are? My regular pattern is to read books on spiritual formation and leadership along with biographies and a good novel.” (continue reading…)

#10. MICHAEL HYATT – (OK. This is Hyatt’s 2nd in this list, but they make great bookends and its a great read) WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING WHEN YOU WANT TO QUIT – “There is a distinction between the dream and the work required to obtain it. Everything important requires work. Hard work. And sometimes there is a long arc between the dream and it’s realization.” (Continue reading…)

QUESTION: Got a favourite blogger from the list above? Give them a shout out.

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