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For years I had a scrap of paper posted on my fridge, with the antidote to becoming a grump. Do you want to know what it said?

Before I tell you, let me explain what motivated my quest to keep this prescription on hand.

A guest post from Mary Kassian. She lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta and is an award winning author, popular speaker, and distinguished professor of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Seminary.  She was the guest speaker at one of Jocelyn events for Women of Worth.

Neighbours In Contrast

It all started when I worked as a therapist at a rehabilitation hospital and observed the stark difference in the attitudes of elderly patients.

One in particular had an archive of ailments that rivaled the number items on a holiday grocery shopping list. She was a hemiplegic, arthritic, osteoporotic, and half blind — and that was just for starters!

But this woman with the debilitating physical condition was cheerful.

Smarts For Life And Love

The drapes in the cheerful woman’s room were open to let in the light. Cards and flowers of well-wishers were displayed on every available surface.  One could often hear the murmur of conversation and laughter. Nurses and therapists were always greeted with a pleasant smile and an appreciative, “Thank you so much, dear!”

A Fridge-Worthy Saying

It was there and then that I decided I was never going to become a grump. And it was shortly thereafter that I heard Elisabeth Elliott speaking on the radio, and raced for a scrap of paper to write down this quote:

“It is always possible to be thankful for what is given rather than resentful over what is withheld–one attitude or the other becomes a way of life.”

The quote hung on my fridge for years.  It reminded me that gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving. It’s for every day. Gratitude or ingratitude becomes a way of life.

One patient’s physical condition was far worse than her counterparts, but her attitude was far better. And that made all the difference.Mary-A-Kassian

Choosing Thanksgiving

So today, what will it be?  It’s your choice.

It’s always possible to be thankful for what is given rather than resentful over what is withheld–one attitude or the other will become a way of life.

How is gratitude working for you? Please leave a comment below. Thank you

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Bob Jones

Happily married to Jocelyn for 44 years. We have two adult sons, Cory and his wife Lynsey and their son Vincent and daughter Jayda; Jean Marc and his wife Angie and their three daughters, Quinn, Lena and Annora. I love inspiring people through communicating, blogging, and coaching. I enjoy writing, running, and reading. I'm a fan of the Double E, Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox and Pats. Follow me on Twitter @bobjones49ers


  • Karen Simaeys says:

    Pastor Bob
    I love reading what you post.It is very inspiring.I find that if I am mindful of all my blessings it keeps me more humble and focused.
    Karen Simaeys.

  • bob jones says:

    Thank you Karen. I always appreciate when readers pop in with a comment just to let us know they are engaged. Here’s to more interaction. I hope you got to hear Mary Kassian.

  • Julie MacKenzie says:

    I love today’s blog. I try to count my blessings every day. Just to have gratitude for what I have. It’s all about your mindset. Have a great weekend Pastor Bob. I look forward to reading your blog every week. Thank you for sharing. ❤️ Keep on, keeping on.

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