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Some things are unforgettable, like the smile on the face of child.


Over the next couple weeks, I’ll update you with my April experiences in Ukraine. Suffice for now, I’ll start with one story and some pictures.

Jocelyn is the one who makes the biggest sacrifice in my travels. She allows me to go to places of risk to meet with true heroes in a war they did not want but one that they will finish. So I start with gratitude to her. And gratitude all those who prayed for my return to Ukraine.


On Sunday morning, April 21, the good news heard across Ukraine was that the US House of Representatives had passed the $61 billion funding bill for Ukraine. The sense of hope was palpable in the two congregations I spoke in on that Sunday. There was hope that help would come in time to restrain the Russian advance.

The Ukrainian army is superior to Putin’s army. They would not have lasted this long in the war if they were not. Ukraine is are outgunned ten to one and out manned five to one but their will to stand and fight for their families and their freedom and their ingenuity on the battlefield will win the day.

In the villages near the frontlines, or in the major cities, the pastors and leaders that I met were optimistic that they were in a battle of good against evil and good would win because God is good.

All wars end.

Churches are already offering training to Christians for the end of this war to offer support to Ukrainian communities that are suffering from physical devastation and emotional trauma.

The top need in Ukraine is ammunition and the second need is PTSD support.

For The Kids

I traveled with Ed Dickson through Ukraine from the border of Poland to a few kilometres from the border of Russia. Everywhere we went there were prayers, encouragement, hospitality, and sincere appreciation for coming to Ukraine in a time of war. We reminded people every day that they were not forgotten.

One morning in the city of Dnipro we were giving out food to refugees, almost all women and children. All of them had lost their homes, many had lost husbands and many were holding onto the last threads of hope.

One little girl had the most beautiful smile.

She was wearing a pink coloured coat, the favorite color of most of our granddaughters. Her name is Sasha. Her mom received an extra bit of kindness that day. I showed Sasha pictures on my phone of our granddaughters. When the families were heading back home, the little girl found her way through the crowd and came to me and said in English, “thank you.”

All the good that we do is for the kids of Ukraine and the future of Ukraine. There will be a future.

It will be a good and free future for girls like Sasha.


Friends of Ukraine

In a time of war a smile goes a long way. Thank you for helping me help others put a smile on the faces of children.

It would be our honor to have you continue to join with Jocelyn and I in offering prayer support and any other kind of support for Ukraine.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

More stories to come. Please share this post with your friends. Let’s keep the truth about Ukraine in our hearts, our prayers, and with our friends.

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Bob Jones

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