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“Have faith in God.” Four words that form the most powerful admonition. So how do you do you have faith in God? The New Testament pays a great tribute to Abraham, the “man of faith.”
His name appears 30 times in the gospels, 8 times in Acts (5 in one sermon), and 32 times in the epistles. When a New Testament writer wanted to teach a lesson on the nature of or importance of faith, Abraham was the model.
So how did he do it? In summarizing his life portrayed in Genesis, I’ve developed what I call the Abrahamic Absolute: “A long obedience in God’s direction fosters a faith that does a world of good.”
God called Abraham to begin a new phase of life at age 75 and Abraham obeyed. Faith that works obeys God. Abraham abandoned his life to God. Success in life comes from making a few good, major decisions and sticking with them. That was Abraham’s biggest choice – obey God.
When Abraham arrived in the land God promised, he had no title deed. So rather than settle in the cities, he lived in tents knowing what God promised him was still to come. Faith that works sees the invisible and knows the best is still to come.
Abraham’s wife, Sara, provides the 3rd key – Faith that works is faith in God’s faithfulness. God promised a son and she was barren – and experienced a barrenness for decades.  Barrenness can lead to bitterness.  Its hard to have faith and be bitter.  Sara most likely felt she had a mustard seed size of faith, if any at all.  At a time when her husband was described as “as good as dead” she acted on God’s faithfulness, conceived and gave birth to Issac, the promised child.
The summary of Abraham’s life in Hebrews 11:8-17 ends with a test that God puts him through. He asks Abraham to sacrifice his son. Abraham passes the test, which is why I think he is looked to as the greatest illustration of a faith that works. God’s tests in our life, are not a matter of if, but when.
Faith that works is fostered through God’s tests.
Keep in mind, when God tests He always to tests to approve.
Not every adversity is a test. Not all prosperity is a reward. Sometimes prosperity can be a test.
How are you doing with your test(s)?
How are you stewarding the resources God has given you?  Being approved in God’s tests always brings about a world of good – Abraham’s future offspring was Jesus Christ – God’s sacrificial Son – who is the Saviour of the world.  God will bring good from your life of faith for yourself, your family, your church, your community and the world.

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