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Starbucks coffeehouses became my new meeting places when I transitioned out of North Pointe's office space. I like the lattes but I love the unexpected connections with people. Like the one I had on Friday. Waiting in line to pick up my flat white I couldn't help but notice the tattoos of a woman seated to my right. It's not polite to stare but I was tempted. Have you ever noticed that your eyes sometimes just gravitate to people with tattoos? There’s something about tattoos that can really make someone stand out in a crowd. (more…)
Bob Jones
June 15, 2019

Father Gregory Boyle: Tattoos on the Heart

Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest, has a wicked sense of humor and writes like Ann Lamott…only better. He has more tats than you can count but only because you can't see them...they're on his heart. His writing is peppered with an eclectic mix of quips from Dillard, Shelley, Borg, Gandhi, Eckert, Rumi and Jesus. Boyle can make you laugh out loud while blowing up your preconceptions with his insights into the character of God. He has faced down leukemia and the barrel of a gun. Boyle's parish of over 20 years is in the capital of the gang capital of America - aptly named Boyle Heights, L.A. Father "G," as he is affectionately known, is at home in the…
Bob Jones
July 29, 2015