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To All First Responders

They call him “Tuna.” He’s the kind of guy you want around in an emergency, not only because he’s a Paramedic but also because he could lift a truck if need be to save someone. He's one of the first responders. Crazy Tough Before moving to Edmonton, Charles Blades competed on the Nova Scotia provincial rugby team, as well as a Pittsburgh rugby team, so you know he’s a bit crazy and tough. And I’m proud of the way he is using his abilities to serve people in the greater Edmonton area everyday. He’s one of Edmonton's first responders who run in when others are running out. He’s my brother-in-law. This is a shout out to every first responder. Gratitude…
Bob Jones
May 12, 2022


A trip to the middle of nowhere can be a good way to find what you’ve always been looking for. Jocelyn and I were enjoying a 10-day holiday cruise that was gifted to us for twenty five years of service at North Pointe. We brought our books and lemonade to hang out on Deck 12 of the “Independence of the Seas.” The Atlantic Ocean was all we could see in every direction. It felt like the middle of nowhere. There I found what I was missing or better still, wasn't missing. 8 Discoveries In The Middle Of Nowhere 1. Twenty-four-hour connectivity isn't all its wired up to be. There is nothing like a cruise to give you reason to disconnect.…
Bob Jones
October 16, 2016

A Life Saving Practice

How do you start your day? I begin mine with the Bible (and a coffee.) Reading the Bible has been more than a good habit. It saved my life. Distress. I went through a serious encounter with distress in the third year of my career as a pastor. For almost two months I was awakened in the middle of the night unable to breathe. My lungs felt like they were shutting down. If you've ever had the wind knocked out of you, that's how it felt. My doctor said it was not physiological. He asked me what was going on in my life. "Your body is under distress and is shutting down to protect you." Awakening. One morning, after the…
Bob Jones
November 18, 2013