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sheila walsh

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Let Go To Be Free

Let go. What a conundrum. Risk How do I go about letting go of something that is enmeshed in my identity? Something that is so entrenched in my psyche that if I let it go I might also lose me? Sheila Walsh asked a capacity crowd of women to take a risk. “It’s time to have an unedited conversation with God.” Let go of what troubles you the most. She told her sisters that where your scars are, there is your authority. God has met you in those painful moments and walked you through. Your suffering has a shelf life. God is bigger than the broken pieces in your life. God understands your frailty and offers his grace. Grace and…
Bob Jones
May 9, 2022


Front stage or backstage, Sheila Walsh is genuine and all in. Millions of women attribute their breakthroughs to her influence. She is loved for where she has come from and what she leads others through. She can be in front of a thousand women and you'll feel like she is speaking personally to you. Reflecting on her journey through mental illness, Sheila says of Jesus, "I never knew You lived so close to the floor." That's the favorite of my favorite quotes from Sheila. 11 Favorite Sheila Walsh Quotes 1. If guilt tells us that we've done something wrong, then shame tells us that we are something wrong. So many people feel isolated, not good enough, defined by the labels…
Bob Jones
September 13, 2018


One recurring dream haunts me. While the circumstances and characters change, the message always remains the same: "You are alone. You have always been alone, and you always will be alone."  I Cry Out For Help But No One Hears Sheila Walsh, singer, popular TV host and author says, "Most mornings I wake from this nightmare, shake off the worst of it, pour myself a cup of hot coffee, and embrace the new day. But sometimes the dream leaves dark little fingerprints, smudges not so easily brushed away that seem to cling to me for hours. The dream has hounded me since childhood. I see myself walking down a corridor to an execution chamber, about to be put to death…
Bob Jones
May 25, 2016