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Life Stories

Discover Your Secret Super Powers

Mable Tooke has incredible super powers. She wears a mask, and a Spider-man outfit to go into battle against villains like leukemia and pain. She used her super powers to rescue the captain of a hockey team and inspire a city. (more…)
Bob Jones
March 1, 2023


It is in you and in me to make a difference and find meaning in life. Purpose is often found at the intersection of a broken heart, opportunity and skill. Andy Stanley's Take On Life 1.  At the end of anyone’s life somebody at their funeral service is going to find something to say about their life that is meaningful and had purpose. 2. I have never met someone who said, “Andy, I have been doing something meaningful my entire life and I’m sick of it.” 3. Nobody wants to be “the reason.” They want to be “the something.” Purpose 4. Purpose is a means to an end. 5. Purpose is costly. 6. Most of us want to be the…
Bob Jones
April 6, 2018

The Secret to Genuine Happiness

Hugh Hewitt wrote his legacy book, "The Happiest Life," to bless his children and their children with wisdom for discovering genuine happiness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Hewitt’s anecdotes from his broad experience as a lawyer, teacher, broadcaster and journalist. His connections with the who’s who of Hollywood, pro sports, and politics provide rare insights for what creates genuine happiness. Hewitt’s premise: a happy life involves seven gifts and seven givers. Life's 7 Gifts: 1. Encouragement – Its what you say to a friend or stranger that would “redeem a hard day or make a good one ever better.” 2. Energy – “A player of any game at any time who doesn’t bring his or her energy with them is an…
Bob Jones
February 23, 2014