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It is in you and in me to make a difference and find meaning in life. Purpose is often found at the intersection of a broken heart, opportunity and skill.

Andy Stanley’s Take On Life

1.  At the end of anyone’s life somebody at their funeral service is going to find something to say about their life that is
meaningful and had purpose.

2. I have never met someone who said, “Andy, I have been doing something meaningful my entire life and I’m sick of it.”

3. Nobody wants to be “the reason.” They want to be “the something.”


4. Purpose is a means to an end.

5. Purpose is costly.

6. Most of us want to be the end, not the purpose to the end.

7. The wrong questions – “What is my purpose? Why am I here?” Why are they wrong? Because the focus comes back to you.

The Means To An End

8. Until you are willing to be a means to an end you will never be powered by purpose.

9. The starting point for purpose is “Who am I here for? Who are we here for?”

10. Purpose is always found just across the border from “What’s in it for me?”

11. You say “No” to you so you can say “Yes” to something much broader.

Purpose Has A Price

12. CVS Pharmacy became the first pharmacy to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products. This would cost CVS billions of dollars.

13. Why? “Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with out purpose.” – Larry Merlo President and CEO of CVS Health

14. There was a tension between profit and purpose.

15. Purpose is a path to meaning.


16. The only way to have meaning in life is to be a means to an end.

17. Meaning means you become a means.

18. Those who devote themselves to themselves will ultimately have nothing but themselves to show for themselves.

19. Your glory is to small a thing to live for.

You Were Made For More

20. If you devote yourself to more than yourself, you will ultimately have more than yourself to show for yourself.

21. Would you rather be the shovel or the hole?

22. “The point of purpose is to determine how you will serve others. If you don’t plan to serve you don’t need a purpose.” Cheryl Bachelder

23. Begin looking at everything you are currently doing through the lens of means.

24. Most great things you have done in your life began with a shift in your thinking.

What Stirs Your Heart?

25. Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do but someone you raise.

26. Pay attention to what stirs your heart.

27. What you would people to line up at the end of your life to thank you for?

28. Purpose is often found a the intersection of at broken heart, opportunity and skill.

29. Surround yourself with on-purpose people.

30. Self-centeredness and selflessness are both contagious.

APPLICATION: Which ones are your favorite points? Please leave your comment below. Thank you.

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