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Saturday morning, I laced up my running shoes as I’ve done many times during the pandemic. Only this time I wasn’t heading out for a walk, I was on my way to do what the shoes were designed to do. (more…)
Bob Jones
February 13, 2021

Just Walk Across The Room

My wife and I are runners. We’ve completed a 10-miler; a couple of half-marathons and a full marathon. One of the unexpected things I learned to appreciate about running is the "runners culture." The Runners Culture Runners have a culture all their own - language, customs, gear and camaraderie. What I love most about the culture is the runners’ "greeting." When runners encounter runners they ALWAYS acknowledge each other - its one of the rules of running. In passing, they lift a hand to wave, or tip their cap, or offer a “Good morning” or an encouraging, “Keep going!” or the awesome words, “You guys are making it look so easy!” Sometimes its just a smile. Jocelyn and I seldom…
Bob Jones
April 23, 2014