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Saturday morning, I laced up my running shoes as I’ve done many times during the pandemic. Only this time I wasn’t heading out for a walk, I was on my way to do what the shoes were designed to do. (more…)
Bob Jones
February 13, 2021


Runners are smart. That's not just because running has been shown to increase the number of newly born neurons within the brain. That's just one piece of good news for runners. Running is an education in living. Jocelyn and I started running twelve years ago. We've learned so much about life and ourselves we wish we had started earlier. 6 Lessons About Life From Running 1. Running makes you a runner. Jocelyn and I are not very fast or sleek (big smiley face here) so sometimes we doubt that we're really runners. One of our so called, friends, saw us out one morning and described us as "speed walkers." John Bingham, marathoner and writer, says, "If you run, you are…
Bob Jones
September 28, 2014

Just Walk Across The Room

My wife and I are runners. We’ve completed a 10-miler; a couple of half-marathons and a full marathon. One of the unexpected things I learned to appreciate about running is the "runners culture." The Runners Culture Runners have a culture all their own - language, customs, gear and camaraderie. What I love most about the culture is the runners’ "greeting." When runners encounter runners they ALWAYS acknowledge each other - its one of the rules of running. In passing, they lift a hand to wave, or tip their cap, or offer a “Good morning” or an encouraging, “Keep going!” or the awesome words, “You guys are making it look so easy!” Sometimes its just a smile. Jocelyn and I seldom…
Bob Jones
April 23, 2014