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Rick Warren

Life Formation

A Woman in Leadership

My spouse is a Reverend. An ordained, credential holder in an evangelical Christian denomination. Not long ago, for that statement to be true, I would need to be a woman. (more…)
Bob Jones
March 21, 2023
Life Stories

Discover Your Secret Super Powers

Mable Tooke has incredible super powers. She wears a mask, and a Spider-man outfit to go into battle against villains like leukemia and pain. She used her super powers to rescue the captain of a hockey team and inspire a city. (more…)
Bob Jones
March 1, 2023


You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read. What are you reading today? I chose the following books as my Top 26 for two reasons: 1. I could recall the title and the author's name. I have hundreds of books in my library and though I've read them all I cannot recall them all. These I can. I've met some of the authors in person and own autographed copies of their book. They left a deep impression on me. 2. The content of the books have formed my personal perspective, principles, and practices. They address theology, personality, healing, prayer, relationships, marriage, parenting and leadership.…
Bob Jones
March 12, 2016