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Life Stories

When Mom Moved To Alberta

May 19th, 2022, Bob and I were happily celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary. We were flying back to St Albert from a ministry conference in Winnipeg. While waiting to board our plane my phone dinged. There was a message informing me that my 91-year-old Mom was in hospital in emergency with a broken neck. (more…)
Jocelyn Jones
October 27, 2022
Health Matters


The thing is, being a mom doesn’t stop for anything. Not for blizzards, not for late nights, and not for cancer. It was July 2017, and I had just gone through another round of CT scans. Checking my voicemail, I heard the familiar voice of my oncologist. “Hi, Julie,” she says in her quiet, steady voice. “I have your lab results back and I’d like to discuss them with you.” (more…)
Bob Jones
May 9, 2019

Why Falling Only Makes Us Stronger

Overcoming falls and setbacks enroute to success is the stuff of Olympic champions. Coupling that with the influence of a mom on the journey is the stuff of life. Moms and success is why P & G produced their 2014 Olympic ad, "Thank You Mom." Its already had over 20 million views on YouTube. Each time I've watched the video I can't help but think of how moms have shaped champions through their everyday interactions with their children. In the moment, kids have no way of appreciating the way a mom can allow pain or even bring pain for their greater good. The message makes me think of how God has interacted with my life. (Skip to the video below…
Bob Jones
February 25, 2014