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The Lemonade Stand Millionaires

Sydney and Taylor Woodworth and their friends don’t just turn lemons into lemonade, they masterminded an endeavour that helps seriously ill children find hope and in the process learned that giving makes you feel like a million dollars. 2022 is the 13th and final year for the Lemonade Stand. Their work is one of the top feel good stories of my life. (more…)
Bob Jones
July 8, 2022


"What can kids do? They're too young to make a difference." Don't tell that to Sydney Woodworth and her crew at "The Lemonade Stand." While none of them are old enough to get their beginner driver's license they all have enough drive to move mountains. Plus, they've been changing the world for nine summers now. Sydney was awarded "Superstar" status in July 2016 for organizing the TOP FUNDRAISING GROUP for the Stollery. Jesus said, "Whoever becomes as a humble as a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." Faith is not childish, its child-like and its what moves mountains. Adults can learn important lessons from kids and what they are doing. 7 Things Kids Do To Change the…
Bob Jones
July 29, 2018