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“What can kids do? They’re too young to make a difference.”

Don’t tell that to Sydney Woodworth and her crew at “The Lemonade Stand.” While none of them are old enough to get their beginner driver’s license they all have enough drive to move mountains.

Plus, they’ve been changing the world for nine summers now.Syd Woodworth

Sydney was awarded “Superstar” status in July 2016 for organizing the TOP FUNDRAISING GROUP for the Stollery.

Jesus said, “Whoever becomes as a humble as a child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Faith is not childish, its child-like and its what moves mountains. Adults can learn important lessons from kids and what they are doing.

7 Things Kids Do To Change the World

1. Kids change the world by showing others how powerful and contagious generosity is.

Giving is loving and love is contagious. When Sydney Woodworth was five, her classmate died of cancer. She wanted to do something to help. With the support of her mom, she started a lemonade stand to raise money for the Edmonton Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Businesses are vying to get connected to her cause – Gatorade, Shell, Chapman’s, Sobey’s, ATB, TD Bank, radio stations and TV stations all want in. Facebook is awash in posts and pics and likes for their generosity.

In 2018 their Lemonade Stand is at 9611 167 Ave, Edmonton from 11am – 6pm from July 26th until August 1st. You can help Sydney reach her goal by donating online here.

Read The Lemonade Stand Millionaires to learn more about Sydney.

2. Kids change the world by learning the power of momentum.

When Syd started her lemonade stand she raised $250 in the first summer. Pretty good for a five year old. But she was just getting started.

In their first day of summer #6, they raised more than three times as much as they had raised in the first three summers! That’s the power of momentum. When you have the Big Mo on your side you are unstoppable.

3. Kids change the world by expecting and working for a comeback after a setback.

In summer #6, Syd and her crew raised $3,750.50 on their first day. They were pumped! On day #2, they raised $736.35. A letdown for them. But the next day, they were back, bright and early.

The world changes for the good when world changers expect comebacks after every setback.IMG_5560

4. Kids change the world through lessening cynicism in adults by showing that one person CAN make a difference regardless of how young they are.

There is nothing like the innocence of a child with huge hopes to help an experienced adult believe great things are possible. HOT107 FM and CRUZ 97.5FM, adult radio stations, broadcast live from the Lemonade Stand site. Why? Because they know that in an all too cynical world, adults love and need good news stories.

Nate Coehoorn– former Edmonton Eskimo and Grey Cup Champion – and his wife Tegan know that. They were the Stand’s first customers, early on a Saturday morning.

IMG_55455. Kids change the world when they realize that not all kids are as well off as they are.

Some kids face life-threatening situations like cancer, earthquakes, hunger, or slavery. When given the opportunity, kids respond by doing something to make a difference.

Kids at North Pointe’s Annual Summer Day Camp learned about conquering challenges and then collected returnables to raise money to help earthquake survivors in Nepal.

Their efforts were multiplied through the work of Emergency Relief and Development Overseas (ERDO).2015-07-10 12.24.56

6. Kids change the world by realizing that life is not all about them.

When Syd’s parents helped her think about Moses’ family and their grief and other families going through hard times it changed her five year-old perspective. When kids realize that others need help and that they can do something kind to help, their world gets bigger and better.

Generosity and kindness are good business partners.

Lemonade Stand business license

7. Kids change the world by seeing that when they take a step to do something good a whole lot of other people will step in to help, because they want to be a part of a good thing.

One man bought a cup of lemonade for $1,000. John in Australia, learned about the effort and donated $500.00 online. ATB Financial surprised Sydney by putting $500.00 in a lemon and presenting it to her.lemonade atbYou can’t beat the expression on Syd’s face…priceless.

Kids like Syd, are world changers. May their tribe increase!

Read more about The Lemonade Stand Millionaires.

APPLICATION: Make a donation. Help them change the world. Please leave a comment below.

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    What am amazing story. I am speaking at a children’s camp this summer and would love to share this story and the ideas of this blog with the campers. Is that okay?

  • bob jones says:

    By all means. That would fantastic. God bless you at the camp and help make Jesus a Saviour, Lord and hero to the campers!

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