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To All First Responders

They call him “Tuna.” He’s the kind of guy you want around in an emergency, not only because he’s a Paramedic but also because he could lift a truck if need be to save someone. He's one of the first responders. Crazy Tough Before moving to Edmonton, Charles Blades competed on the Nova Scotia provincial rugby team, as well as a Pittsburgh rugby team, so you know he’s a bit crazy and tough. And I’m proud of the way he is using his abilities to serve people in the greater Edmonton area everyday. He’s one of Edmonton's first responders who run in when others are running out. He’s my brother-in-law. This is a shout out to every first responder. Gratitude…
Bob Jones
May 12, 2022
Life Formation


We are at war. In a war, no one sets out to be a hero, they just do what they must and in the chaos of battle they become heroes. They don't describe themselves as courageous. "I'm just doing my job." (more…)
Bob Jones
April 19, 2020

Heroes in Life and Death

Canada paused June 10, 2014 to honor three men who served their country as RCMP officers. I sat with some of our church staff to watch portions of the broadcast of the funeral service in Moncton, New Brunswick. At that time I blogged, "It is sobering to think this could have happened in St Albert where I live - the safest city of its size in Canada." And now "it" has happened in St Albert. Senseless Deaths Const. David Wynn, 42, and Auxiliary Const. Derek Bond, 49, were investigating a report of a stolen vehicle inside the Apex Casino on Saturday January 17th when they were both shot by 34-year-old Shawn Rehn. Bond was released from hospital after being shot…
Bob Jones
June 10, 2014