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Life Formation

Still Water: A Metaphor For Life

Toss a small pebble into a still pond and it will make a quiet splash with a large ripple effect. Soon after, the water returns to the calm state that was before. Have you noticed that still water never over or under-reacts? (more…)
Bob Jones
September 24, 2022

4 Sound Ways to Improve the Rhythm of Your Life

 For those caught up in the busyness of work, family, and church, it often feels like time with God is just another thing on a crowded “to-do’ list. Ken Shigematsu worked for the Sony Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. His intense work schedule led him to explore personal disciplines that could bring order to his life. He discovered those principles on a tour of Ireland's monasteries. The rhythm of life lived by Irish monks freed them to worship God, serve their communities and live healthy. They were busy but blessed. I had the pleasure of meeting Ken recently. His discoveries are summed up in the book, "God in My Everything: How An Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People." 4 Sound Ways to…
Bob Jones
May 2, 2014