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One day, according to the world, I’m on top of my game, adored, praised and respected. And the next, I’m at the bottom of the heap, criticized and torn down.

You know what I’ve learned in the process? How important it is not to allow either the highs or the lows in life determine who you are.

Who Are You?

Its tempting to define ourselves or to measure our worth by the external – by how much money we have, by how we look, by the applause of others. The list is long.

Think about this. Who are you when everything is going great – when the money is in the bank, when your home life is peaceful, when your future seems certain? And who are you when your world is shaken – when your bank account is overdrawn, when your relationship is on the fritz, when you haven’t a clue what tomorrow holds?

Sometimes it takes a challenging time to really find out.

What Do You Do When Life Shakes You?


your health fails…

you get divorced…

your dream flops…

what has defined your entire life is over…

your platform disappears…

your perfect family is torn apart?

In tough times like these its easy to question who you are.

Whose Are You?

I’ll say that in those places of doubt and even darkness, I’ve realized that who I am has nothing to do with wins or losses, applause or negative criticism.

It has to do with whose I am.

Tim Tebow shares the discoveries he made about identity.

I Will Not Be Shaken

Shaken is not a memoir. Tim Tebow shares parts of his personal life and football journey but the book is about the truth he discovered along the way.

Many know his personal career highs, few know the details about the lows. Like having to learn that God’s plans are better and bigger than his, feeling torn about the future and working through his dreams being shattered after getting cut from three NFL teams.

I read Shaken in one sitting. It was a great gift to myself.

Psalm 16:8 became his North Star – “I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand I will not be shaken.”

Everybody Needs Some Inspiration

The book does not offer cookie-cutter answers or a concrete plan about what to do when you stand on shaky ground, but it did strengthen my faith. You don’t have to understand or even like NFL football to come away inspired.

Ravi Zacharias says Tim combines “strength and boldness with kindness and compassion.”

Even Jon Bon Jovi observes “Tim is a role model, an inspiration to those who have a dream and are willing to accept life as a journey full of ups and downs.”

Download a copy of the book to your Kobo reader here.

Watch Tim’s recent interview about his identity and calling.

Facing a challenge that has shaken your identity? Tim’s story is a good starting point to move forward with confidence in who God says you are. Please leave a comment below.

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